Sunday, February 5, 2012

Salvage and Season Cast Iron

I have several pieces of cast iron in my kitchen inventory.  My Lodge 12' Skillet is my absolute favorite! I fry chicken in it, saute veggies, use it to put a good sear on a steak and so on. It's so versatile. I've had it for about 7 or 8 years now, so it is very seasoned.
My Dutch Oven, however, is not so lucky. I've had it for just as long, but it hasn't gotten as much love from me as my skillet. So it's time for it to get a little bit of TLC. I remembered a blog posting from that I read a while back and decided to refer back to it for restoring this piece. It was too far gone to just clean it out and rub it with oil, like the old folks say. It's way too rusty for that. I needed to start from scratch. Here it is before...
Yeah, I know, yuck. Hmm. Well. Yeah. So I followed every step on the blog. 
Every. Single. Step. But it was totally worth it!!!
It turned out so great!! BLT!!! The lid even looks better. I can't believe I was gonna get rid of this. I can see lots of Goulash, Gumbo & Chili Mac in the very near future. So, in the words of curlby...Savor your cookware, and your grandkids will be able to pass it along to theirs. 
Thanks for reading!!

BLT = beautiful lovely thing

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