Saturday, December 24, 2011

DIY Christmas Decor Post #2

Another idea from Pinterest! Here is the original pic..
I really love this. It looks perfect on my table this holiday season. I decided to make this centerpiece in gold to match my Christmas Tree, which is gold and chocolate brown. Here is my version...
This is great! I probably could have cut the stems down a little farther, but I think it's ok like this. I found that the earlier in the season you make this centerpiece, the more the salt dries to look like snow. See the tutorial from the original person here. 
I have gotten lots of inspiration for all sorts of things from Pinterest. Visit their site and see how addicted you become!!! Thanks for reading...Healthy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY Christmas Decor Post #1

DIY Christmas Trees
I saw these on Pinterest and decided to click on the link to learn how to make them. Click here for her original version. To see my version, scroll down below...

These can be very pricey if you purchase them from department stores and specialty boutiques. Neiman Marcus sells them for $72!! I made 7 of them for around $13 and I love them all! The black and white one is my favorite. Spray adhesive, card board and thick heavy fabric. Yep, that easy!
This green one is just wrapped with one of those $2 yarn balls from Wal-Mart. It turned out really good!
I made the burgundy one with .25 cent sheets of felt that I cut into strips and attached with spray adhesive, then sprinkled the whole thing with gold glitter.
These were very fun and festive to make. I made 7 of them in varying sizes using 4 poster boards that were .33 cents each. They look very nice when you group them together like this. They look very pretty at night with the all the lights plugged in around them...
Let me know if you try this. Check out for the "how-to". It's too easy not to try. Thanks for reading...Healthy Holidays!!!