Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Remodel...Splitting it Up to Break it Down

Happy Sunday!

Ok so, as you all may know, I blog about lots of different things, because there are many things in life that I love (hence the blog name). So I've decided to revamp this blog to fit all my "loves" in a more uniform way.
I have a bit of OCD, so it drives me crazy to see my posts all over the place the way they are.

My blog design has changed 2 or 3 times since I started it a year ago! I really think that's why I only have 24 Followers (thank you all!); because if someone wants to follow you for a certain kind of post, and then they come back another time and don't see what they're looking for, they move on...without following. My blog has been all over the place; not consistent at all.

Here's the thing. I don't want to start a different blog for all the different things I blog about, (bleh) too much maintenance, so here is what I will do...

Everyday will have a different type of post. Now this, by no means, implies that I will be posting 7 days a week,even though I would love to have the time for that! It just means, for example, if you follow me because of nail polish, then I will only be blogging about nail polish on 'xxx' day, and if you follow me for DIY and organizational projects, they will only be on 'yyy' day, and so on.

So I've been brainstorming about how I want to do this, and I finally have a plan. Here's the breakdown...

Sunday - "Home Cooked Sundays"
All about food. I love to cook! There will be a mixture of yummy sweets, indulgent meals, healthy snacks, good wine and great wine!  :-)

Monday - "Pamper Me Mondays
All about Bath & Body products. Whether I have made them, bought them, loved them or hated them!

Tuesday - "Top Coat Tuesdays"
All about nails, nail polish and nail care products. This will probably be the best day of the week for me!!

Wednesday - "Workout Wednesdays"
All about fitness. Yes we all hate it.  But it's gotta be done to lead a healthy lifestyle. Being strong & fit doesn't ALL happen through good eating habits, at least not for me.

Thursday - "Random Thursdays"
All about whatever. A day to blog about something that doesn't fall categorically under any other day.

Friday - "Fashion Fridays"
All about fashion. Whether it be clothes, make-up, accessories, whatever. My daughter is a mini Rhianna/Lady Gaga and plans to major in fashion design so Fridays will be pretty awesome!

Saturday - "Clean & Simple Saturdays"
All about the home. Posts about new cleaning products, organization, DIY projects, etc. My OCD will looove this day!!

So there you have it! Pick a day (or all) that fits your wants/needs and feel free to leave a comment ;-D
I'm really excited about this. The entire blog will get a much needed makeover (new labels, reorganize gadgets in the side bar,etc.) It needs a more user-friendly look. I can't wait to start posting. I have so many things I want to share with you guys.

Thanks for reading!!

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