Sunday, September 25, 2011

Basketball Wives Inspired Earrings

I fell victim to the hype!!!
Like most young ladies, I was obsessed with this show. But not for the drama, I tuned in every week mainly to check out their outfits, their fabulous shoes and to see what mesmerizing earrings they would be wearing! My favorites were these...
I think these were everybody's favorite because I have seen so many youtube videos on how to make them. Well I didn't want to buy anyone else's. I wanted to make them myself, then possibly sell my version in my Etsy Shop :). So here they are...

You may be saying, "she didn't make these, she bought them because the sticker is still on them". But if you look closely, I made my own labels for these (to match my blog header) and I purchased the black earring cards. This is all in preparation for selling these and other items in my Etsy Shop. These were so easy and fun to do. Let me know if you like them, or if you ever watched Basketball Wives, what were your favorite earrings? Thanks for reading!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

GOSH Holographic

You may be so over this nail polish, and I understand. But I was in nail polish heaven when this package arrived! I first heard about it about a year ago, but the first time had ever seen really good pictures of it was here. I loved it soooo much, but it was one of the most sought after polishes out there and it was extremely hard to acquire...until now!
Yall...seriously. I can't tell you how much I love love love this polish. When you read blogs about ladies saying that they can't stop staring at their nails, they are telling the absolute truth! I just can't stop looking at them...
So obviously I took lots of pictures. Oh, another thing I wanted to mention is that this polish is very misleading at first sight. The application is thick and goopy, and it starts out looking like a muddy gray mess. Even in the bottle it looks nothing like what will appear once the polish dries on your nails. Magic happens. It looks like holographic nail stickers...I love it!!! The only thing I'm sad about is the bottle is so freakin small! I paid an awful lot for it to be so tiny, but it's worth every dime once you have it. Trust me, OPI DS Original, China Glaze OMG, Sally Hansen Prisms, China Glaze Hologram...none of these compare. If you ever have the opportunity to try this polish, you will never want any other polish that proclaims to have the hologram effect. Thanks for reading!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Monday Jelly Sandwich / 31 Day Challenge - Day 5

Happy Blue Monday Yall!!!

Does anybody besides me think the new blog interface looks weird? I'm switching back for now...

Anyway, I really wanted to try the whole layering of jelly polishes, so I did...this is Ruby Kisses Blues Gone Wild with a layer of OPI Last Friday Night glitter, then another layer of the RK. I got this color out of a clearance bin this summer at my local beauty supply store along with Ruby Kisses Cast a Spell. They were only 75 cents! There was a little VNL, which I think you will get with most jelly polishes.
Ok so it creeps me out the way all my nails looked "bumpy" because of the glitter layered in the middle, so I used my Northern Lights Holo top coat to try to mask them. It's cute, but I can still see the bumps, so this mani won't be around too long!
I bumped my index finger and the polish on my ring finger looks wrinkled to me, but oh well. Remember to join A Polished Touch and her Blue Monday trend. And also join Rebecca Likes Nails and the 31 Day Challenge. Today is day 5 of the challenge, which happens to be blue, so it worked out perfect to post this today! So Happy Blue Monday...thanks for reading!!