Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Nail Polish Shelf...

Wow! It's been well over a month since my last post. I have lots of drafts pending, but I never get around to actually publishing them. But, I had to post this one. 

I made another shelf!! See the original post, including the "how to" video here. I needed a 2nd one so bad! But now I realize I need a 3rd one! The same day I hung 2nd one, I bought 3 more polishes, and have bought a total of 9 more since then!! And let me tell you, I love them all!!I love sitting here and coming up with ideas, and searching the web and Instagram to be inspired by others. It's the best hobby. Really it is. No really. It is. Now some of you hard core lacquer heads might be saying "haha she got a small time collection", and I do compared to some I've seen. Some of you have them logged in your computer & saved by brand & name...whoa.

I haven't counted my polishes in a while, don't know if I want to, but for the sake of some young lady really wants to make this shelf & wants to know how many bottles the shelves will we go...

The shelf on the left, which houses mainly OPI, China Glaze, Zoya & Sally Hansen, currently has 192 bottles on it.

The shelf on the right, which houses my Sinful Colors, Wet n Wild, Orly, KleanColor, etc. etc. currently holds 211 bottles. A bulk of the bottles on this shelf are skinny & compact, like Milani, Ruby Kisses & some of my indie polishes. So the smaller/thinner the bottle, the more bottles u can get on a shelf!

So ok...that means I currently have 431 bottles of nail polish. This is both shelves plus the bottles that would not fit on the shelves & the brand new bottles! fun!!

Let me know if you make one. Again here is the link for the what you'll need, and my YouTube video.  

Thanks for reading!!