Friday, February 3, 2012

Easy Glitter Nail Polish Removal

I posted this mani yesterday and I hated it, so it's coming off today...
The glitter was pulling and shrinking right before my eyes. I don't know if it was because I used so many layers or what. Who cares's gone. And what a pain to remove glitter, especially if it has some hex pieces in it. Well not anymore!! I had 3 coats of glitter on top of a base coat and a base color and this totally worked!!! Watch...
I did take her advice and remove my topcoat first, and on some nails, this made removal a lot faster. I needed something like this because I use a lot of Pure Acetone and it is drying my cuticles and wrinkling my skin, so the faster I get done, the better off my nails are.

Thank you soguesswhat11 Clap, you saved me so much time! Do you think it is a time saver? A cuticle saver? Let me know...Thanks for reading!!


  1. Awesome, I will definitely try this out! I have tried the foil method which works as well but this seems less labour-intensive which I like. ;)

    1. Yeah, the foil is what has been drying my cuticles. I gotta try and stay away from that method!