Friday, July 22, 2011

Starry Night Nails...

Mama can you put me on your blog? This is all I heard from daughter Tuesday night after she did her nails. I think I've turned her into a nail polish addict too! (just a teeny tiny bit). This idea evidently had been brewing in her head for a while, so she finally decided to sit down and have a go at it.
I love it! She used Orly Liquid Vinyl and Nicole by OPI glitter called Twist of Fate. She never uses a base coat (shame shame) but I think she used an SV topcoat, I doubt it though...I'm still training her, she's seventeen so she's all about going, going, going. Applying a base coat takes too long mama! That's what I hear all the time. So, **sighs and shrugs shoulders** c'est la vie...her nails, not mine.  Anyway, she said this mani reminds her of stars falling from the sky. I think so too. So kudos to my baby girl. Nicely done! Thanks for reading!

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