Thursday, July 7, 2011

De-Clutter or Remodel?

I really love my blog. I love posting & I love reading everyone else's posts. But something bothers me every time I log in and click "View Blog". 

I hate the way my blog looks! Maybe because the more gadgets I add to it the more cluttered it looks. Or maybe it's because I blog about so many different things, but the background of my "cookie cutter" template is a wine glass. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love wine, but I love lots of other things too, hence the blog title. I don't want to lose myself in this blog so I probably better straighten it up a little bit. 

I don't really want to start from scratch, I think I just need to edit a little here and there. And I love blogger, so I won't be switching to some other place like WordPress or something (I love love love my dashboard!!!)

I want my template to be a little bit more custom, something that fits what my blog is all about,. But, I'm not sure where to start with the whole custom template thing. Does anyone have any ideas? To start things off, I'm trying out this custom signature thing, because I want a nice personalized "out' at the end of every post. I don't know. I'm up at 1am brainstorming this whole thing, trying to figure out which road to take. I will come up with something, eventually. If you're reading this, thanks. Hopefully I will come back soon all custom and personalized! Goodnight...


  1. I fight with the samething. I really don't like my blog templete either. I tweek it and tweek it now I'm afraid to change to another template thinking it will off center things. I do love the 3 roll templetes. I think I need to hire a professional. Lol! Oh, well it's staying the way it is for now :)

    I love your signature font. I'd like to change mine.

  2. Nails Beautiqued, yea I've been trying to tweek mine a little, but I'm kinda stuck on the wine glass in the background & I don't want anything covering it up! Check out Zoe at chicsassydesigns...Latoicha at luxetips referred me to her for custom templates. I'm glad I'm not alone in this battle:)