Monday, July 18, 2011

Personal Art Piece

Almost every wall in my home is bare. We built and moved into this house in 2006. I know what style I like (Tuscan, wine-themed, Mediterranean style with rich muted colors and rustic wrought iron details), but I can't seem to translate it into real life. Visit Accents of Salado for a better idea of what I'm talking about. Their website is gorgeous! I have bits and pieces in different rooms to show and maybe get some insight on how to decorate from you guys in future blogs ;-)

But today, the focus is the beautiful work of art that sits on my fireplace mantle. It's not Tuscan or Mediterranean by any means, but it's beautiful, and I love it! Everyone that knows me knows that I like African American Art. You all will soon learn that too! My husband has a very talented cousin that drew this by hand several years ago. I loved it so much I had it framed and displayed it here.
I've always loved the way framed art and mirrors look when you just lay them against the wall. So elegant and casual at the same time. Anyway, his inspiration photo was the picture below of R&B singer Mary J. Blige...
Isn't this breathtaking?! It's almost like you can feel her heartache and struggle, even though she's making sure she looks elegant and beautiful for the camera. I just love it. I've never been sure if it goes with the leaves, random statues and candle pillars...but I know I love to walk in and see this picture everyday. He's such a talented artist. We've had him do several other things around the house I may show on future blogs. But for now I had to show this to you guys, because I believe it is definitely worthy of being on a blog called "Beautiful Lovely Things". Thanks for reading!

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