Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pin-Up Love...Zahira Kelly

This is something I had to tell somebody about. Even though others have blogged about this many times, it is fairly new to me. If anyone knows me, they should know that I love African American Art, whether it be a framed piece, a statue, or even a stage play. But this...this is something special. With saying that, I must tell you all about Zahira Kelly at This woman is amazing!!! She is a super talented Pin-Up Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, just to name a few. I must say, I have never met her, I just happen to stumble upon her Tumblr page a while back and I have loved her ever since. She captures a woman's beauty with her art in the most sensual, powerful and beautiful way. I love the vintage contemporary look she gives her photos. All of the women look so natural in their beauty and the best thing is, they look like me...meaning they are not your average pin-up girl (none of that slutty, sleazy stuff). They are beautiful Women of Color that don't look like what society & the media say that a young woman should look like. Anyway, before I get all stirred up, let's get to the good stuff! She can provide you with custom pin-up art, illustrations, etc. Just visit her page here
Here are just a few of her illustrations (these are my favorites!!)...

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