Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deux Lux...

I got a Beautiful Lovely Thing for my birthday last week...
Isn't this gorgeous! It is a beautiful crystal-encrusted bag that is too cute for words! It's called the "Twinkle Small Duffle". Of all my purses & handbags, this one is by far my favorite. It glistens any and everywhere, even when the lights are off!
It has a beautiful turquoise satin on the inside that I think goes so well with black.  On a sad note though, I did discover that the label on the inside is upside down, which kind of chaps my a** because the boutique I got it from is so nice & upscale. But the owner said she is happy to call & have a replacement shipped to me. So I'm happy again!
I saw a young lady carrying this bag in the waiting room at the hospital I work at, so I asked, she told, I bought! It comes in a few different colors. You can get it at Nordstrom or deuxlux.com. I have to say my hubby did good with his choice of birthday gifts for me this year..thanks hunny bunny!!

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