Monday, March 5, 2012

Pamper Me Mondays

DIY Body Butter

This product is a "Beautiful Lovely Thing". To make this for yourself, you will need the following items...


I couldn't find the photo I took of the Vaseline, & I didn't have anymore, so I had to google one. Anyway, I simply add all of these into a large bowl and whip them together with a hand mixer. I start with only half the container of lotion because I want to make sure my product is thick like a body butter should be. Then, I add the remainder, as needed.

I don't feel like I should have to wear my arm out stirring this, so I have a mixer that I use only for bath products. And I also like to ensure that my body butter ingredients are very well combined.

(I'm trying out a new watermark)

I have made this many many times. And through trial and error, I've decided that these products work best for my needs.

Vitamin E creme, instead of vitamin E oil makes for a creamier more luxurious product. In the brand I use, I've only been able to find the creme in 25,000 I.U. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and can help reduce wrinkles. I'm all for that!!

Johnson's Baby Lotion has always been a staple in my home because it moisturizes my skin without leaving it oily. I use the Vanilla Oatmeal scent because I want my skin to feel like a baby, not smell like one.

Petroleum Jelly locks in moisture, but it can be a bit greasy. So to cut down on that greasy oily feeling it can leave behind, I started using Vaseline Smoothing Body Butter. Not only does it condition my skin and give it that "glow" of healthiness, the Cocoa Butter smells great with the Vanilla Oatmeal. The fragrance combination is nice and subtle, and it keeps me from having to add any essential oils to the mix.

This stuff is "The Business"...I love love love it!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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