Saturday, March 10, 2012

Linen/Room Spray Recipe

Linen Spray can be a wonderful thing. But when you customize it to your own preferences, it can be even better.

There are several ways out there that this can be made, some using isopropyl alcohol, and even vodka. But the way that I show here is what works for me.

You will need:

Distilled Water
Fragrance Modifier
Fragrance/Essential Oil

Blend 1 part fragrance/essential oil with 3 parts Fragrance Modifier and mix well.
Add 1 tsp of the fragrance modifier per 2 cups of distilled water. Shake well.

That's it! This makes about 3 cups of linen spray, depending on how you decide to measure out the volumes of fragrance and fragrance modifier. I don't like to make a huge batch because I don't want to have to store large amounts of this, so I use 1/4 cup fragrance and 3/4 cup modifier. And my favorite scent, Pink Sugar, has just the right amount of "umph" for this size batch.

The main benefit I get from making my own linen spray is that I control the amount of fragrance that permeates my room, whether it be strong or subtle. And also, I can play around with my oils and customize my own signature fragrances!

Pink Sugar is my absolute fav! I also used it in my Homemade Bubble Bath. Be careful with the oils you choose because some are not recommended for use on skin. I use the mister seen below because it is small enough to keep in my car console, and it's really sleek and cute! You can use any misting spray bottle or buy the one I have here

Fragrance Modifier allows oil to dissolve and incorporate into water. You can buy it here. Distilled Water is water that has been boiled to remove minerals and other elements, then allowed to cool again, which increases it pureness. It can be bought at your local grocery store. This can be really rewarding, play around with it and tell me what you think. Or let me know what recipe you use. Thanks for reading!!

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