Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mani of the Day

Happy Sunday!!

I have to post this mani for my friend Amanda. She is my "partner in crime" when it comes to buying ridiculous amounts of nail polish and accessories! But for some reason, she is just now buying herself a set of stamping plates (I should have bought them for her for Christmas). Anyway, here is what I used...
Open Seas is supposed to be similar to OPI Mermaid Tears. I don't have Mermaid Tears, but I have seen it in stores and this is a very close duplicate. For the stamping, I used Bundle Monster #210 seen below...
This second series of plates is much much better than the 1st edition, bigger images that actually fit my nails!!
Geez, I can tell from these pics that I use acetone way too much, skin and cuticles are all ragged and wrinkled **smh**. This mani seemed a bit dull. A good coat of SV would solve that problem, but I felt this needed to sparkle. Since I don't have China Glaze Fairy Dust, and cannot find it anywhere, I used my Northern Lights Holographic TopCoat; the bottle looks like this...
I will probably only wear this mani for one day because I really don't like to wear stamps and stickers and such on my nails for too long. My favorite "go-to" manis are cremes and glitter!! But I had to do this for Amanda ya sister!!


  1. So fun! We need to get one of those stamp plate things. We did a sweet mani today on our blog, check it out!

  2. Thanks! I checked out your blog. Your mani on Sunday was sweet!! I love that little ___ dress post too...very cute dresses!!