Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY Christmas Ornament Storage

Happy New Year to All!!

So Target had ornament storage boxes on sale again this year, and again, I missed out *sad face*. But, I did manage to snag one of those 24" wreath storage containers! *happy dance*
And so as I have been doing for every other project I've done in the last few months, I hunted for a solution on Pinterest and I found it! The original post can be seen here. This is so clever and so easy to do. Here is what you will need:
storage bin
clear plastic cups
cardboard cut to size
hot glue gun
This literally took me about 20 minutes to do. Once I cut one piece of cardboard to size I just used it as a template for all the rest. Sorry, my edges aren't perfect but it wasn't the cardboard in this project that I was concerned about. I generally lose about 6 ornaments a year due to them breaking somehow in the attic so this worked out perfect for me! So thanks to Martha Stewart and to Chelsea at Design a la Mod. I hope you try it...thanks for reading!!

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