Sunday, September 25, 2011

Basketball Wives Inspired Earrings

I fell victim to the hype!!!
Like most young ladies, I was obsessed with this show. But not for the drama, I tuned in every week mainly to check out their outfits, their fabulous shoes and to see what mesmerizing earrings they would be wearing! My favorites were these...
I think these were everybody's favorite because I have seen so many youtube videos on how to make them. Well I didn't want to buy anyone else's. I wanted to make them myself, then possibly sell my version in my Etsy Shop :). So here they are...

You may be saying, "she didn't make these, she bought them because the sticker is still on them". But if you look closely, I made my own labels for these (to match my blog header) and I purchased the black earring cards. This is all in preparation for selling these and other items in my Etsy Shop. These were so easy and fun to do. Let me know if you like them, or if you ever watched Basketball Wives, what were your favorite earrings? Thanks for reading!!


  1. I really like them! Great job!!!

  2. I would definately get those, did you open your etsy shop yet?