Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Monday Jelly Sandwich / 31 Day Challenge - Day 5

Happy Blue Monday Yall!!!

Does anybody besides me think the new blog interface looks weird? I'm switching back for now...

Anyway, I really wanted to try the whole layering of jelly polishes, so I did...this is Ruby Kisses Blues Gone Wild with a layer of OPI Last Friday Night glitter, then another layer of the RK. I got this color out of a clearance bin this summer at my local beauty supply store along with Ruby Kisses Cast a Spell. They were only 75 cents! There was a little VNL, which I think you will get with most jelly polishes.
Ok so it creeps me out the way all my nails looked "bumpy" because of the glitter layered in the middle, so I used my Northern Lights Holo top coat to try to mask them. It's cute, but I can still see the bumps, so this mani won't be around too long!
I bumped my index finger and the polish on my ring finger looks wrinkled to me, but oh well. Remember to join A Polished Touch and her Blue Monday trend. And also join Rebecca Likes Nails and the 31 Day Challenge. Today is day 5 of the challenge, which happens to be blue, so it worked out perfect to post this today! So Happy Blue Monday...thanks for reading!!


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  1. Very pretty! I didn't know Ruby Kisses have a jelly dark blue polish. I must find it :)