Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shug Avery

This is the most unique and creative work of art I have ever seen!!

Okay, let me collect myself...(wipes forehead, cracks neck, takes a sip of wine)...

Like I was saying, this is BEAUTIFUL!! For those of you who have never seen The movie "The Color Purple", this is Shug Avery, the character played by Margaret Avery in the 1985 adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Alice Walker. I just love this. It is an original 5'x5' painting and the canvas is vinyl records.The pearls, sequins, beads and peacock feathers were all added to give the piece a sort of 3D, textural effect. This original artwork is priced at $3000. The artist will only paint 3 more of these.
Here is a screen shot from the actual movie to show how talented this young lady is at her craft...
This stroke of genius is definitely a "Beautiful Lovely Thing" so I had to show it to yall. I could go on and on about this painting, and the movie. I can't tell you how long I have sat here and stared at it, and hummed the words to the song that Shug was singing to Miss Celie (written on the canvas). I wish this cost of this piece was in my budget because I would love to own it. But c'est la vie, I will admire it's beauty from afar. I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks for reading!! 

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