Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gosh Holographic: Revisited

If you remember this post, you will recall me ranting and raving about how great this polish was. But after wearing it for less than 24 hours, it looked ragged! So, for as much as I paid for it (shipped from Great Britain & took over a month), it's been sitting on the shelf ever since...

I've been on a quest for months almost 2 years trying to find a product that would make this polish much easier to apply. A google search landed me on eBay buying the Gosh Fix Base Coat 565 last year. It is supposed to help with application and give you better coverage. Nevertheless, I let the base coat and the polish sit on the shelf again for months. 

I decided to try them out today, what the heck, might as well. Ladies, let me tell you, this base coat is awesome, it worked perfectly!!
This looks sooo much better!! Look at that rainbow!! HOLLA-GRAM!!! 

I think I paid $10 for this base coat on eBay, which is a far cry from the price I paid for the Holographic 549! Don't you just love it?! Thanks for reading!!

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