Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Fridays: Prom 2012

Evidently the new trend is dark lips???

My daughter's Prom was this past weekend. She wore very dark lipstick. I hated it. She loved it.
This lip color is by Maybelline #835, Dazzling Plum. She used her NAKED palette on her eyes. Here's more of this trendy lip look as seen on  Coco and Creme
This was my baby girl's prom look. So that you know a little bit about her, she will begin pursuing her degree in Fashion this fall. She is so far out-of-the-box, and she never "goes with the crowd". She created her own "Prom Swag". I admit, after her whole look came together, it did look really good. So let's break it down...I have to share, because it looks effortless and it didn't cost me a fortune!

Dress: Cache $178
Boots: Baker's $89
Jacket: $3
Gold Snake necklace: $1
Wooden necklace: $1
Bracelets & Ring: $5 each

Dajha looooves our local thrift store. They know her personally! The jacket and necklaces came from there. The bracelets and ring came from a jewelry sale hosted at my job, everything was $5 each!! I was so not buying her the Jeffrey Campbell boots that she originally wanted, so when we were in Dallas shopping the week before prom, we stumbled upon these. Much better price point than the $200 JC's.
Fashion Fridays on my blog will be totally dedicated to her style, ideas etc. Look her up a few years from now, you never know what the future holds!!


  1. Your daughter is so cool! I wish I had the kahoneys (sp?) back in high school to dress like she does, it shows a lot of personality! I found your blog through a comment you left somewhere on a nail blog (can't remember which one) and thought your blog is great, I love the topics you write about, it's a nice variety of beautiful lovely things :)

  2. Wow, thanks for the compliments! Yes I love blogging, I wish I could post everyday, but life gets in the way sometimes. My daughter started her own blog last night check it out sometime...I visited yours too, can't wait to see your nails!!