Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fashion Friday & A New Blog

Introducing Stvck ^ (stuck up)

My daughter started her own fashion blog a few days ago. Here is a snap shot of it.
Her name is Dajha Symone, but you will notice that her 'about me' name says "dae", which is her nickname. This is how her first post got it's name. "Outfit of the Dae". So clever and cute, don't you think?

The blog name, Stvck ^ (stuck up) is the name of her future clothing line. She plans to major in fashion design. She has an eye for fashion that is unbelievable! Here is just a quick look at some of her past looks...
on Easter this year..
prom after party..
chillin with friends (shorts were a DIY project)
Call me crazy, but I noticed that she loves the left side of the camera frame. You will discover also that she loves accessories and is addicted to shoes (but what girl isn't). So check out her blog sometime, and remember her name, you may hear it again someday. 
Thanks for reading!!