Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY T-Shirt Scarf

This is the fastest do-it-yourself project I have ever done...
I saw a photo on Pinterest of a scarf made out of old t-shirts so I decided to try it, and here it is!
This literally took minutes to do. I used two t-shirts, gray and blue (seemed like they would go good together). See the tutorial here. I'm such a scarf girl, so this time of year is my favorite. Can you imagine all the different color combos you could do with this? Love...
Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. I make clothing for damsels in duress. The plus size ladies of the world. I hand sew and embroider on cotton knit(Tshirt) material but usually had a ton left over. I started making these for myself during the colder months, I would made a ton of strings from leftovers and knit them, crochet them, weave them. The sky and your imagination is the I was thrilled to see you put this on your blog.