Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Jewelry Display Stands

I've been holding this post in drafts for about 2 months now...sad I know.
One Instagrammer asked me how I did it, which prompted me to finish this post so that they could check it out and maybe try it themselves...

I originally saw them on a blog that I can't, for the life of me, recall the name of. But I saw them again on Pinterest, so I knew I had to make them! (the pinned photo has a broken link)

So here's what you will need:
wooden plaques (Hobby Lobby for about $1.50 each)
wooden spindles (I cut them off of an old chair)
decorative knobs (Hobby Lobby for around $3-10 each)
craft paint
hand saw
Here's how:

Cut your spindle to desired height. I used a hand saw like the small one in the picture above. I think it's actually a drywall cutter. It only cost about $2 at Walmart.

(Original Blogger'sTip- If you are going to cluster a few together, cut them at different heights to add interest!)

Pre-drill holes in the top and the bottom of each spindle & also in the center of each wooden plaque. This will ensure that the wood doesn't split.

Screw the wooden plaque to the bottom of the spindle.

Screw the decorative knob to the top of the spindle.

I painted my display stands, but this step is optional. The most expensive knob I purchased was only $9.99 and they were all 50% off at the time! I bought enough supplies to make 4 stands (only 3 pictured here), so total price for making 4 of these beauties was right around $20! That's super cheap! You can use them to display your watches, bracelets, or whatever!! Enjoy...
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Thanks for reading!!