Saturday, October 13, 2012

Before and After: Vanity Set

There's nothing like a good garage sale. My mom and I hit them up every chance we get! I saw this vanity at an Estate Sale a while back and I bought it immediately.
I've been wanting one of these for my bedroom ever since we moved in. This one will be a perfect fit, it just needs a little TLC. So I used my oil rubbed bronze metallic paint, that I seemingly use for everything, and this Krylon 18K gold leaf paint pen...
I rolled on one coat of paint, let it dry for a few hours, then painted all the corners and crevices and let it dry over night. I removed the seat from the stool and recovered it with a piece of scrap fabric I had stashed away. I gave the stool 2 coats of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.
Have I told you how great Krylon products are? Yea. Awesome. Even with 2 coats, the stool was completely dry in about an hour. So, I recovered the seat with the leftover fabric, screwed it back on and voila...instant makeover!!
The vanity looks just as great! Once it was dry I accented it with the gold paint pen and it looked even better!!
And here it is, all prettied up, in my bedroom. I can't tell you how much I love this. And it only cost $30!! The original stool was sort of small, so I switched it with one I already had in my bathroom. It's perfect because I can slide it all the way under so that the space feels nice and neat. And the color of the stool already matched too! It turned out to be a perfect place to display some of my favorite accessories!!!
The wall space above and around the vanity is so plain right now, I mean, completely empty! I have huge plans for it so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!!


  1. My mom and I went to lots of garage sales and thrift store shopping. It was our time together on Saturdays. She's passed now I miss her and our shopping fun times.

    What a great dea1!! I love make overs. Isn't it more fun then buying things new? :)

    1. I'm sorry about your mom. I'm sure you have lots of great memories of her.
      And yes, thrifting is way more fun than buying things new!!

  2. Wow that looks amazing! Love the black with gold accents!

  3. What a great transformation! very cute! I like the colors you chose. Thanks for sharing your ideas.