Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shoe Love (

I received this email last week...

I signed up on Just Fab last November and ordered these boots. I've logged on since then to browse their inventory, but never paid any attention to my account credits. I've been billed $39.95 for the last 5 months, which meant I had 5 credits available. This kinda sucked at first, until I realized that I can order 5 pairs of shoes that were completely paid for by me already! Yay me!! Here is what I chose...
Patavia in Camel

 Joelle in Wine

 Bellagio in Seafoam

I can't wait to get these! I may be able to wear the Joelle booties once before it starts to get too hot, I will be wearing the Bellagio heel to a wedding this weekend, and I'm saving the platform gladiators that are Patavia for our next girls night out!

I decided to save two credits because I'm sure Just Fab is creating something "Fabulous" that I will not be able to live without!! In the meantime, I think I will be paying closer attention to my credit card statement...

Thanks for reading!!

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