Friday, January 11, 2013

Quilted Nails

I never knew this technique existed until now! It is amazing!!
This idea originated on the beautiful nails of The Polishaholic and was inspired by a cellphone case. She added bling to each crossroad for detail. I decided that since I wear gloves all day at work, the bling would be a bit much for everyday wear. 

I used Wet n Wild "I Need A Refresh-Mint" and I did not use a topcoat for fear that the "quilting" may disappear. Here is a quick photo of how I used nail striping tape to achieve the effect...
Check out the original tutorial here. Hope you guys try these...let me know if you do!!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I have been meaning to try this technique. Since you didn't use topcoat did you apply the tap before your polish was completely dry?

    1. Base coat was completely dry. Then I added the tape, but peeled each piece off as soon as I painted over them to ensure I had nice clean lines.