Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Passion for Moscato

I have a huge space in my heart reserved for my love of wine, especially Moscato! There are about 4 different brands that I favor, and 4 or 5 different Moscato D'Asti brands that are high on my list of favorites as well. D'Asti means that it is a sparkling wine that has significant levels of carbon dioxide in it that makes it fizzy. So enough with the wine lesson...I want to introduce to you my absolute favorite...Castello Del Poggio. It is a sweet white wine and goes perfect with desserts (or alone).  It has around 7% alcohol content, which is nice and low compared to most of the red wines I prefer that have between 13-15%. It is very light and crisp. And it's even better with a couple of fresh blackberries or raspberries added. This wine is also wonderful to use in a mimosa instead of champagne because it is so sweet. The two bottles depicted below are the exact same wine, with different packaging. I bought one from a local store and the other was shipped to me by a friend from about three hours away. The price can range anywhere between $6 up to $50 a bottle! This particular one costs around $17. Visit your local wine market and get yourself bottle of this beautifullovelything...Enjoy!! 

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  1. This wine is fabulous!!! The first time I tried this wine was at the Olive Garden Restaurant. I asked my local Publix grocery store if they could order it in, and now I drink this delightful bottle at home. It has become a huge hit with my friends and family!!!