Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wine Bottle Lamp...

As I previously stated in my "About Me", I love Wine. From bright and brilliant whites to full-bodied reds. I'm no wine connoisseur, but I know what makes my palate sing! But besides the flavor of wine, I love their beautiful bottles too...they make the most beautiful lamps. Whether you place them on a kitchen counter for that extra little glow of light, on a dining room buffet, so that it may add to your elegant decor, or wherever you want! I bought one from a craft sale years ago and decided that I loved them too much to have just one, so I started making them. It doesn't matter what type of bottle or how much it cost, as long as it is clean & dry. The design of any bottle just pops!! I hope the photos are self explanatory, as far as instruction. Have fun trying this...


  1. Girl, What an awesome idea. I have to make one of these. My husband makes his own wine. It's easy to do.

    I hope you keep posting :)

  2. Thanks! Let me know if you try it. By the way, I love your much information! And I must make me a designhergal!!