Sunday, January 15, 2012

Foil Pouch Recipe: Pork Chops

Most people think of camping when preparing foil pouch recipes. Not me. I make them when I am short on time and when I don't feel like being in the kitchen all day cooking. My family's favorite combination includes pork chops. I simply tear off a nice sized square of aluminum foil and layer all of the following in the center:
pork chops
corn on the cob
canned whole new potatoes
baby carrots
pat of butter
After giving everything a good rinse, especially the meat, I sprinkle everything with a bit of olive oil and season with a packet of Lipton's Onion Soup mix. Whatever your normal "house seasoning" regimen is will work great too! I always buy "assorted pack" pork chops because they have more of a fall-off-the-bone tenderness to me **shrugs**, and they always come in packs of eight, and so does the Green Giant corn on the cob!! So when you have put your desired amount of veggies and so forth on top of the meat in the foil and closed them up, they should look like this...
I generally cook them on 375 for about and hour & a half, I really don't pay attention to the time...I'm used to my oven so I know about when things are done without having to actually time them. My hubby loves these and so do I because its a full meal deal all in one!! No pots and mess!!
I literally just finished eating this about 20 minutes ago! I didn't even need my fork, I just grabbed a napkin and used my fingers! i have to thank my mom for this because the first time I remember having this type of meal for dinner I was around 10 or 11. I guess now I will pass on the Foil Pouch Dinner tradition to my daughter (she will need it!!) So thanks mom! Let me know what your favorite foil pouch recipe is; if you have blogged about this before, send me a link...Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Hey lady!! This is awesome, I need to do this because I don't like to cook. I'm doing this tomorrow!! Thanks girl :)